Is Laser Tag Safe?

Yes, it uses technology very similar to a TV remote and a wireless microphone, not an actual laser. Our systems have been approved for use in the U.S.A., Europe, Canada, and the rest  of the world.

How Old Do You Have To Be?

Our minimum age requirement is 8 , but we do ask that anyone wanting to play is able to do so without dropping the gun.

Where Is The Vest?

Our system does not have a vest, everything is built into the gun. This allows us to do some things that others cannot do and understand how you are supposed to play laser tag with that restriction at other locations. 

Who Else Has This Kind Of Equipment?

In the United States, no one. We are one of four companies in the world using this gear and the only one in North America.

How Many People Can Play At One Time?

We range from 11-21 players depending on our system on-site. Due to the constantly changing mobile events, we never guarantee more than 11 rifles in our arena.

Doesn't It Have To Be Dark To Play?

Not with our gear. In fact, our guns are accurate to 120 meters (about 425') in full daylight, even further in the dark.